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“Tactica Partners are operating at a very high level of excellence for the relatively small size of the organisation”.

Tactica Partners is a business that encourages clients to actively engage in the strategic planning process. Not only does Tactica Partners encourage clients to undertake regular planning but it is a business which also practices what it preaches. At the beginning of every new financial year Tactica Partners engages in a strategic planning workshop referred to as an “Advance Day” including all staff away from the office.

In July 2013 Tactica Partners through its association with SEN/CCIWA, engaged the services of CCI Consultant, John Clegg, to undertake a performance review of Tactica Partners utilising PROBE.

PROBE is one of the worlds leading business assessment tools, used in over 50 countries to promote and support Business Excellence. It is designed for any organisation that wishes to reviews its’ progress towards the goal of sustainable excellence, pinpointing and prioritising improvement opportunities. It can help you to stimulate and energise actions that will help the business to progress to the next level of practice and performance.

The workshop was conducted over several hours and all staff were actively engaged in assessing the performance of Tactica Partners over a number of key assessment areas as determined by John Clegg acting as the facilitator. At the conclusion of the group discussions John compiled the feedback and resulting scores into an assessment matrix. Tactica Partners was then benchmarked against all other businesses whose key information is retained as part of the PROBE process.

“The team communicates generously and there is culture of shared practice and performance information”.

Below are some of the comments from staff engaged in the PROBE workshop:

“Made us think about a few areas we may not ordinarily have considered and set action plans around them”.

“Good to get all staff input and have external facilitator”

“Good to see how we compare against other business”

“Really like the graph that plots the end result against all other Probe clients”

The PROBE process provided a great platform for which all staff could contribute their honest assessments of key performance areas. The compilation of the resulting scores into an overall performance rating which was then benchmarked against other businesses (numbering in the thousands) provided us with an immediate and powerful assessment of our overall performance. I would highly recommend businesses seeking to engage with their staff to strategically self assess their own business performance to engage in this review utilising the PROBE process.

If you have any questions in relation the above or would like to engage your business in the PROBE process please do not hesitate to contact Mark Hann of our office on 9387 5637.

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