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Airconomic is a growing company providing high quality services in both refrigeration and air-conditioning across residential, commercial and industrial segments. In more recent times Airconomic has become very focused on implementing a strategic growth program. One of the key aspects of the strategy was to gain a better understanding of the current value of the business. During a networking function we met Daniel Breheny from Tactica Partners and it became clear from our subsequent meeting and discussions that Tactica Partners were able to provide a cost effective valuation process that would meet our needs.

Our intention was to get a greater understanding of the value of our business as it currently operates and to identify opportunities to maximize our future business value.

Under the direction of Tactica Partners we were required to complete a number of worksheets and questionnaires and together with a detailed review of the past 3 years Financial Accounts we were provided with the business valuation as a report which amongst other things included:

  • The current value of our business;
  • Assumptions in determining the business value;
  • Suggested strategies for value improvement; 

The report was then used as a basis for an inter-active meeting in which the details of the report were discussed in detail which helped us gain a much better understanding of all the key drivers that can influence business value. We also got terrific value and understanding from a simple “what if” spreadsheet which calculated the potential future value of the business dependant on changing key drivers.

“Following the completion of the valuation report and meeting we feel we have a much greater appreciation of all the key drivers that can positively, and in some instances, negatively influence business value…………it is not just simply about more sales and more profit”.

We would like to thank Tactica Partners for their professionalism and attention to detail but also to help us better understand some of the more complex issues affecting our business value. We have no hesitation in recommending Tactica Partners for their business acceleration services which include the Business Valuation Report.

Ryan & Monique McCarthy



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