The progressive and intuitive cloud based accounting solution called Xero

It is a relatively new option in the market and a platform that is seeing impressive increases in popularity. Based completely in the cloud, this state of the art accounting platform offers a very simple and intuitive user interface that makes accounting and bookkeeping tasks fast and simple. The interface works equally well across desk tops, tablets and mobiles making it completely practical to perform tasks and check balances from anywhere with an internet connection. There is no need to upgrade software as the product is cloud based so upgrades happen seamlessly with no impact to the user. It features automatic bank feeds that make account reconciliation quick and easy, there is little data entry required and the platform delivers multi-user access. Based on a subscription model, this accounting program includes support and excellent online training modules that make an already simple platform very easy to learn, use and add genuine value to your business. At Tactica partners we have embraced this unique program and our team of Xero Accountants are in the processes of helping businesses across Perth transition into this program with a seamless integration program. Keep your company’s accounting and records up to date and ahead of the game by speaking to one of our specialist team today at our Subiaco Office on (08) 9387 5637 or by filling in our online enquiry and we’ll call you.

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