February 25, 2013

10 Rules to Make your Growth Strategy Happen by Peter Switzer

Rule 1: Make Yourself a Leader

When you own and/or run a business you are a leader. The strongest lessons you will teach your staff are by example.

Rule 2: Plan, Plan, Plan

To grow a business, you need to have some way of seeing its future success. This means you must have a business plan. You need to put your growth plans on paper to test their viability.

Rule 3: Be One Step Ahead

To get an edge on your rivals, you must pursue training, consult experts and research what winners on the cutting edge are up to.

Rule 4: Systemise Your Business

Implement best practice and quality control methods and systemise your business. Systems also give certainty to your staff. It makes them more accountable.

Rule 5: Have a Sophisticated Financial Control System

Rule 6: Tax Strategies

The bigger your business grows the more you will need to have a sound taxation strategy. Sensible tax planning means setting aside time to work through these issues with your accountant and/or financial controller.

Rule 7: Develop Your Online Capacity

Rule 8: Train Your Human Resources

Rule 9: Control The Risks

Have a risk management strategy for both yourself and the business.

Rule 10: Market Yourself

You must market your business and this requires having a sound marketing plan to accompany your business plan.

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Excerpt from article in Tax Practice magazine by Peter Switzer.

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