Tactica Put The ‘Plus’ in Tax Accounting

We are fast and proactive, we listen and we communicate in a language you will understand.

You want to be compliant, but don’t want to pay a cent more than is required. Every dollar saved is a dollar straight to the bottom line (and/or in your pocket) and is a dollar to further your own mission in life (sitting on the beach, building empires, whatever).

At Tactica, we know that the really big savings are planned years’ in advance – in getting the structure right – in doing the strategic planning.

It’s also in the detail – not missing the opportunities for deductions, rebates etc.

Good strategy can make the difference, for example, between a massive tax bill when you sell your business, and no tax bill. But you need to be implementing it years in advance.

The Tactica Customer Service Mantra:

We know that is it not enough to be great at tax, we also have to be good servicing you, the customer.

So we’re:
  • Fast to get back to you
  • Quick to turn around your returns
  • Clear in our communications (we speak English, not Taxish!)
  • Diligent in staying in touch
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