The law requires most entities to keep books so we all do it. However there are some Real Problems that emerge when its not done properly.
  • Data entered inaccurately, or in the wrong place, can cause havoc with your ability to understand your profitability.
  • Wrong data can then incur significant costs when it needs to be rectified for tax return and financials.
  • Tax planning relies on accurate and correct allocations to be properly effective.

Tactica’s bookkeepers are supervised by the accountants to ensure accuracy and efficiency. At Tactica we can solve these problems in one of two ways:

  1. We can completely perform the book keeping function for you allowing you to focus on your clients/customers and your business.
  2. We can offer a support service to your bookkeeper to ensure that the bookkeeping is done correctly, accurately and in a way that maximises your visibility of what is happening in your business. It also keeps the cost down of compliance and management accounting.

Great bookkeeping brings to the table operational intelligence which is invaluable to the business owner.

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