Thursday 28th February 2013

The Power of Working Remotely

  • The Power of Working Remotely

Claire Stewart writing in the Financial Review Magazine BOSS October 2012 edition noted the following key stats and observations;

The federal government's rollout of the $37.4 billion ultra-high speed broadband network means technology will make remote work (telework) as feasible as the daily commute.

Here are some teleworking tips:

  • Teleworking can lead to a reduction of perhaps one desk in three. It can be done quickly and inexpensively. 

  • 26 percent of professionals believe it is a right to work remotely; whether they can work anywhere, any time, with any device, is a precondition of joining a company.

  • 52 percent of Australians would sacrifice additional salary to work where they are most productive and happy.

  • Teleworking drives different organisational behaviour - one of trust, but also tighter managerial processes and stronger leadership engagement because your workforce is distributed rather than onsite.

  • People still need company culture, so they will usually telework one or two days a week. There's no real optimum, it depends on what your business needs.

  • Cisco embraced the concept in Silicon Valley in 2005. Now it says 90 percent of its staff in Australia and NZ telework at least one day a week; 84 percent say they are more productive as a result, and 44 percent of managers have staff located in different cities.

  • Cisco removed a whole floor in its North Sydney office.

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