April 29, 2020

Book Now – Panel of Experts to Help you Navigate the Crisis

We have brought together a panel of experts in the fields of accounting, HR, leasing, business strategy and finance to share insights and knowledge around the current state of play. This is a must-attend event for all small business owners in a safe online environment.

Just like last time, this is not just another webinar where people speak at you and maybe you get to type a question. This will be a video conference/meeting so we can continue to engage in an enriching discussion.


Introduction – What do we currently know about the future of the crisis?
Finance – Your options in regard to loans and debt – what the banks are offering.
Leases – Landlord code of conduct – what you can do with your lease.
Employment Law – Wage costs – what you can and cannot do.
Jobkeeper – What it means.
Strategy – Putting it all together into a plan for your business.

Who Should Attend:

Our seminar will benefit all business owners who want to thrive in these times.
Day: Wednesday 29th April 2020
Time: 12.00pm to 1.30pm
Cost: $20 with all proceeds being donated to Foodbank Western Australia
Where: Online Presentation (a link will be sent out beforehand to connect)

Click on the link below to secure your place!

Read on for the bios of the presenters:

Rob Haynes, Finance. In excess of 20-years’ experience providing funding solutions, strategic advice and risk management solutions for owner managed businesses. Read more about Rob from Proteger Financial Solutions here –

Stephen Markey, Lease Negotiator. Negotiates leases on behalf of tenants. Many years experience on both sides of the lease negotiation – Stephen has a unique insider’s view. Read more about Stephen from Lease Negotiations WA here –

Stephen Kemp, Employment Law. Industrial Relations Law is complex and confusing so we can all benefit from Stephen’s 30+ years of experience in this area. Read more about Stephen from Kemp & Associates here –

Mark Hann, Business Accounting. Deeply committed to seeing SME’s thrive, Mark is on a mission to educate businesses on the value of engaging with their numbers. For over 30 years, Mark has seen repeatedly the difference between the successful and un-successful businesses, and just what makes the difference. Read more about Mark from Tactica Partners here –

Mark Jackson, Strategy. Mark is one of the few business advisors/coaches in Australia who has built, single-handed, a successful SME and seen it through to maturity. Only another business owner truly understands what it it takes to integrate the delivery, marketing, selling and finance aspects of running a business. Read more about Mark from Business Veteran here –

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