January 11, 2016

Can your customers find you?

Recently we had a client give us some feedback that as a first time visitor to our office it was a little difficult to find our office and understand what visitor parking was available.

In response to this we had a team brain storming session resulting in an outcome where we developed an animated video that provided clear directions and photos for new visitors to easily find our office.

Click here to view our location video.

Surprisingly we have now found that more clients and associates have similar issues and we have been able to replicate the video as a value add service.

In our view the response to clients feedback can lead to positive outcomes and reinforce the team culture and ultimately provide an opportunity that can be of benefit to others.

If your customers are having trouble locating you let us assist you and create a location video for you! If you are interested please contact our location video expert Sally Wilke on 9387 5637 to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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