December 19, 2018

Christmas Security Tips

To secure your home and avoid being a victim this holiday season:
  • Lock all doors and windows (to this day 2/3 of burglaries are through unlocked portals).
  • Be mindful of your security when working in the front or back yard or relaxing upstairs.
  • Do not leave house keys under mats or plants or inside your garage (leave with a trusted family member or neighbour instead).
  • Do not leave lights or televisions on all day and night thinking it will fool a burglar (it won’t).
  • Don’t broadcast holiday plans or your cherished possessions publically on social media (you are making yourself a potential target).
  • Close curtains and keep valuable items out of sight from windows and doors.
  • Fold & pack away electronics boxes (leaving these clearly visible is again an unnecessary invitation).
  • Remember to activate your Security Alarm (and arrange Monitoring if you have not already done so before going away).

Source: SMS Security – Phone 9302 0000

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