January 24, 2013

Cloud Computing

What is the Cloud?

A cool analogy for the Cloud is to think of it as a utility. Just like water or electricity. Turn on a tap; water flows. Turn on a light switch; electricity flows. You don’t think about where the water or electricity is coming from, just that you operate the tap or switch and it works.

The Cloud is the platform that enables a bunch of services to work on your computer/phone/tablet – pretty much any device able to be connected to the Internet. Connect it, and it just works.

Why is everyone ‘Going Cloud’?

There are a stack of benefits and reasons of moving into the Cloud, but it all comes down to making things more accessible. So long as the Internet can be accessed, then information and services can be accessed. The cost saving on infrastructure has a huge appeal to businesses. Large investment in hardware and software are no longer necessary when everything can be housed and run offsite. Individual benefits vary depending on the industry and/or service being provided of course, but there is no doubt that for businesses with a computer/IT focus in particular, taking business into the Clouid can have massive benefits.

Why should I go Cloud?

Likewise to the benefits of businesses going Cloud, it has similar benefits for users. Anywhere access on any number of devices means that you can be as connected as you want to be. No longer will you need to be a slave to your desk – because that’s where your computer with your software is. Having your information in the Cloud lets you access and use it wherever you can connect to the Internet. Maintenance, updates and upgrades become a thing of the past. With a service online, updates and upgrades are automatically added with little to no effort required on your behalf.

Now What

The in’s and outs, pro’s and con’s, good and bad points of moving into the Cloud could be discussed in a lot more detail, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide if moving into the Cloud is right for you.

Tactica Partners is currently working with one of our clients in conjunction with MYOB on a pilot program. Watch this space in the coming months to learn more about this exciting initiative.

In the meantime if you have any questions about the Cloud please do not hesitate to contact our office on 9388 2532 or

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