May 23, 2014

Enterprise Connect

Come the 30th June 2014 Enterprise Connect as such will close along with a number of other agencies.

But until then Enterprise Connect can take any new applications which will be completed along with access to the $20,000 TAS grant funds.

So if you have been thinking about getting involved with the Enterprise Connect Program NOW is the time to make a move.

All applications MUST be made before the 30th June 2014.

Come the 1st July 2014 any outstanding applications will still be finalising, but a new service, to be known as Entrepreneur’s Infrastructure Program will come into existence.

What format this new service will take is still not known, perhaps a new mix or maybe new additional services. We have been informed that it will cover

  • Business management skills for small and medium enterprises including global supply chain engagement services;
  • Support for businesses to collaborate with the research sector to re-engineer business operations and develop new ideas with commercial potential;
  • Commercialisation advice and brokering services for businesses to gain access to private sector capital; and
  • Support for businesses to help them access specialist expertise, such as expertise on intellectual property protection, as well as to progress the commercialisation of their new ideas.

The next few weeks will see further details arise which will give more of a picture of the new program.

Please contact our office on 9387 5637 if you would like further information about the Enterprise Connect program

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