MYOB is proven and always improving

Tactica offers plenty of experience with this program, which is still the most widely used accounting software for all size businesses across Perth. Our bookkeeper has worked with many clients helping to set them up, train their teams, provide consultation and support and deliver general bookkeeping. MYOB accounting software is continually being enhanced and developed to improve features and efficiencies and the platform can now receive automatic bank feeds to make account reconciliation easier and reduce data entry. The platform is now available as a desk top or cloud based solution, with the cloud service allowing multi-user access from various locations. It is subscription based, reducing up-front costs, and support is included in the subscription. MYOB is Tactica’s preferred bookkeeping software option because it is user friendly, well proven and constantly being updated. At Tactica, we can show you how to get the most out of your accounting and bookkeeping and enjoy increased efficiencies and greater control of your business. Keep your company’s accounting and records up to date and ahead of the game by speaking to one of our specialist MYOB team members today at our Subiaco Office on (08) 9387 5637 or by filling in our online enquiry and we’ll call you.

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