April 21, 2015

Staying Focused – The Importance of Strategic Planning

“There is a common saying that a business that fails to plan is one that plans to fail. The easiest way to think about it is having a blueprint or roadmap for your business. It’s about being able to chart out where you want to be and the steps you need to take in order to get there.”

Matt Comyn, Group Executive, Commonwealth Bank

In the current economic market, can you afford to not have a strategic plan in place?

Tactica’s business planning program, Business Acceleration, is aimed at assisting our clients discuss, plan and prioritise the numerous issues and challenges that all businesses face. The outcomes from this process include a documented plan which captures all the key issues to help drive the process for better business performance and lifestyle.

In addition and if required, we can also work with you to provide a continual mechanism to drive implementation of projects. In other words we can provide a consultative process that aims to produce results through making you accountable on a monthly or quarterly basis.

If you would like to get some greater understanding of what’s involved please contact Helen Bunford of our office on 9387 5637 to arrange a meeting.

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