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We were looking for a proactive accountant who was able to help us with various aspects of our business development and were referred to Tactica Partners by an associate.

From the outset it was apparent that Tactica Partners could not only assist with our compliance requirements and day to day bookkeeping issues but could also provide solutions for our various business needs. In particular, during the later part of 2010 we experienced some tightening in cashflow. As part of our refinancing requirementswe needed to provide a detailed business plan including profit and loss projections and detailed projections for current and future cashflow.

As seems to be the case in these types of situations it was important for us to deliver the business plan in a relatively short timeframe. Tactica Partners were able to meet these deadlines and delivered a series of documents that helped to secure the additional funding.

Although the funding was an important outcome we became very engaged with Tactica Partners during the process which included utilising workbooks, full day workshops and other discussions to help us gain a much better understanding of our business and, in particular, some of the key drivers which we could focus on to help deliver significant improvements to our business model.

We thank Mark and Dan for the enthusiastic delivery of this work and would encourage any business thinking of starting this journey to engage the services of Tactica Partners.

Kate Bridson & Tom Conaghan


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