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Over the many years we have been clients of Tactica Partners we have always been impressed with the high level of service and quality of advice that we have received.

Our Business has experienced massive growth over the last couple of years, with turnover increasing from $3mill in 2005 to $6mill in 2009. During this period we engaged Tactica to run a strategic planning workshop to help us undertake some strategic planning for the business. This involved key staff and ourselves getting out of our office for a day and into the Tactica Board Room to work on our business rather than in our business.

During the workshop we analysed where the business was currently positioned and the roles of key stakeholders within the business. We explored our goals/objectives, identified and prioritised key issues within the business and developed an action plan to address those issues.

Since the workshop we have had quarterly meetings with Tactica to ensure we are following through with the action plan, identify new issues within the business and allocate timeframes for the new issues to be dealt with.

We have previously been involved in numerous strategic planning meetings with other consultants, however we believe the strategic planning workshop was the most successful in terms of the value provided to us and our business development. The action plan had reasonable and realistic timeframes, the actions were assigned to the correct staff with the right personalities and we were held accountable by Tactica to implement the actions.

Anthony & Simon Begley
Directors - 89 Enterprises

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