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John and I were busy at work developing strategies for new business and realized that we needed to make some time to help gain a deeper acknowledgement of our reasons for being in business and what road blocks were preventing us from achieving our end goals.

A chance discussion with Mark Hann from Tactica Partners eventually lead to our business, Far Data Solutions, engaging the services of Tactica to help us form an initial plan around our key motivations and issues relating to our business, in a way that was reasonably simple in structure but helped provide us with a starting point to launch us on a journey for strategic business improvement.

The process began with us completing some general worksheet and questionnaires culminating in a day long workshop which was facilitated by Mark and some of the Tactica team. The workshop was well structured and lead to some very insightful discussion and realization about our personal and business goals and objectives. The workshop also provided a great opportunity to identify key issues and an action plan to address the issues in orderly yet dynamic manner.

We would like to thank Mark and the Tactica team for increasing our awareness of some of the strategies and actions that will help us work towards an improved business model. Our real challenge now is to implement what we have set out to do!

Farook Razvi & John Thatcher


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