August 8, 2016

The Importance Of Ongoing Strategic Team Planning

Mark Hann, Director

Last month we held our annual staff advance day which is designed, amongst other things, to engage and educate our team around the fundamentals of our values, culture and purpose of being.

To help build on our previous learnings we engaged the service of Eloise Hicks from The Space Center to conduct a survey designed to rank the character strengths that help our team members perform at their best. The resulting strengths report helped us align how our team work with our purpose of being. We were also able to explore how individual strengths contribute to the team. The key outcome was to understand and find opportunities to use the strengths at work as often as possible.

As an owner of a SME I strongly believe that this type of investment in our team reinforces our team culture providing greater staff satisfaction, driving strong client relationships and exceptional client service.

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