June 12, 2020

What Business Owners Should Know About Accounting

This powerful course teaches how to discover the truth about how your business is really performing and what you can do to improve future performance.

The answers are all in the numbers, but unless you have formal accounting training, those numbers are likely to remain hidden in the detail of your accounting records and financial reports.

That means you have an ever-present risk of making poorly-informed decisions that produce disastrous outcomes.

Take one day out of the office to learn essential questions to ask your bookkeeper or accountant, and how to ask them.

As well as being thought-provoking, the day’s program is highly interactive and covers the following areas in plain English:

  • Understanding the language of accounting
  • The different types of reports and statements – what they mean, why you need them and how to read them
  • The magic of financial ratios

Who should attend: All business owners
Day: Friday, 12th June 2020
Place: Home Base Function Centre, 55 Salvado Road, Subiaco
Cost: $500.00 + GST
Lunch and Refreshments Included
Places are limited

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