December 14, 2015

What do the Tactica Partners staff get up to during the festive season

This Xmas we will be particularly looking forward to spending time with the older members of the Hann/Murray clan. We think it will be a time to listen and share stories across the generations and we hope to share some family laughs from times gone by. So our message will be one of good food, great wine and rich conversation.

– Mark

It’s a busy Christmas for us this year. 3 year old Harriet will be up early (hopefully not too early) looking for Santa’s deliveries and making sure the big guy found his milk and cookies and the reindeer chomped their carrots.

She can be a cheeky monkey at times and our advice to be on Santa’s “Good Girl” list has been duly ignored!

We’ll spend some time poolside before joining Jen’s family for lunch and my family for dinner. With a little luck the Christmas star will guide us back to Jen’s sister’s house for a few Christmas drinks and where there will be a spare bed to fall into.

– Daniel

We have a family tradition on Xmas day of going down to the beach in the morning. My husband and kids spend a few hours doing a voluntary patrol at our surf club (while I relax nearby) and then we head back home in time for lunch with the family. This is usually followed by an obligatory “nana nap” for me later in the day.

– Helen

Christmas for me is all about family, friends, fun and food. The festivities start on Christmas eve with my in-laws and then Christmas day with my extended family (all 34 of them!). We have a lot of friends visiting from overseas this holiday season so the following days will be spent catching up with them and showing them all of the great beaches and bars that Perth has to offer.

– Sally

Christmas is a time for relaxing and devouring more food than one should eat in one given day. I love spending time with those I love and care about. Merry Christmas to everyone .

– Alex

For me Christmas is simple, it’s about taking time out to relax and share time, good food and a drink or two with my amazing friends and family. Some beach time, some laughs, the obligatory overindulgence and creating moments that will be remembered for Christmas’s to come. Its all about the kids and this year we are welcoming a new addition to our family. I will be a “Great” Aunt again before the new year– just hoping she doesn’t decide to arrive early for Christmas lunch – that would be an unforgettable moment

– Toni

The silly season’s festivities begin with a few parties in the lead up to Christmas with close friends, some who have travelled all the way from the UK for a lovely warm Christmas. Our Christmas Day will be spent with our families relaxing, swimming and overindulging just a little.

Christmas has evolved for us over the last few years as we now get to experience it through the eyes of a child. This year in particular the lead up to Christmas has been lots of fun from explaining who Santa is (albeit he is much better viewed from afar) to having the latest tradition of the Christmas advent calendar. Mornings are always good when they start with a piece of chocolate, although in Charlize’s opinion more than one piece would be much better. Hopefully this year Santa’s gifts bring more enjoyment for our little one than the boxes!

– Chrissy
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