January 17, 2022

Work from home shortcut method extended

In response to “continued extenuating circumstances of COVID-19” and further lockdowns since 1 July, the Tax Office has advised it will extend the deduction shortcut until 30 June 2022.

This will see taxpayers able to claim the 80 cents per hour temporary shortcut method to calculate working from home deductions. The ATO flagged that the existing fixed-rate method (52 cents per hour) and the actual cost method are still available options to use.

The shortcut method does not require a dedicated office space so it does not matter where you are in the house – It can be the kitchen table or the lounge room for that matter. Also if there is more than one individual per household working from home, then each individual can claim the short cut method independently.

There are eligibility rules but essentially all employees need to do is to keep a track of hours each day they are required to work and multiply it by the 80 cents per hour rate to substantiate their deduction.

Please contact our office on 9387 5637 if you require any further information in relation to the work from home shortcut method.

Source: Accountants Daily

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