July 26, 2019

Xero Accounting and the Power of Add-Ons

Xero is one of the most powerful cloud accounting platforms for small businesses, it keeps track of many different aspects – your customers, your employees, the ATO and your accountant like Tactica Partners.

Xero offers these things called add-ons that allow you to connect and compile multiple data sources from across your business. So now, you can turn this data into actionable information to improve and grow to see business success.

Using these adds-ons one can magnify the power when you begin tailoring Xero for your business through its library of add-ons & integrations.

One add-on that has stood out that Tactica Partners has experience with is Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank allows you to take a photo of bills and invoices using their handy mobile app, and all that’s left to do is review and publish to Xero in one click, saving time on data entry.

These Add-ons provide additional functionality that your core Xero file does not do. All of these Add-ons are 3rd Parties (Separate businesses to Xero) and must be considered before attaching to your Xero file data.

Tactica Partners has developed a Xero Add-on that we use to streamline financial data securely into our systems and an Add-on to ensure we do not need to share your information with 3rd parties to gain the benefit of cloud computing and connectivity.

If you like to know more about Add-ons and integrations please contact Alex Collier or Toni Brunsgard at Tactica Partners on 9387 5637.

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